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Page Updated on 16 Feb 2018

Message From Chairperson

Dear Pediatric Intensivists,

At the end of December 2017 the IAP-Intensive Care Chapter conducted the first chapter Leadership meeting 2018 at Bangalore. This was somewhat monumental occasion in the life of IAP -ICC. Previously the leadership of the IAP- ICC has included the chapter chairperson for name sake. Each group has previously held their own leadership forum.
It was decided in the meeting that Jan 2018 onward the IAP - ICC will be supreme and any other similar group shall report to IAP -ICC.

The chapter leadership passed a resolution that the IAP- ICC will start one year fellowship program and revision of 2 day BPICC as early as possible.

We also launched a day course "EPIC" at PEDIOCON 2018 at Nagpur. I would like to thank to Dr.Sunit Singhi, Dr. Kishan chug, Dr. Devpujari and all office bearers and EB for making it excellent work of IAP- ICC.

I would like to assure all members that IAP-ICC will grow academically in vertical direction with help of our esteemed members. We have planned many academic activities with the involvement of most of the members. I am happy to inform you that Dr. Karunakara is working on "Manual of Pediatric intensive Care" ,will be launched as early as possible .

I would like to seek support from all of you for taking IAP-ICC to a new height.

Warm Regards.

Dr. Kamalesh Shrivastav
Chairperson IAP-Intesive Care Chapter 2018

IAP-Intensive Care Chapter, India

Welcome to IAP-Intensive Care Chapter, India

In past decade Pediatric Critical Care has rapidly grown in India but still remains a developing branch as far as Indian scenario is concerned and there are not many places in India where satisfactory critical care is being delivered to the needy children. As an effort to promote this filed of pediatric intensive care in India IAP Intensive Care Chapter was established in 1998.

Since then IAP Intensive Care Chapter has been very active in promoting the field of pediatric critical care. Its membership has grown to more than 1500 members."
So, get involved and contribute your valuable time and efforts to make the chapter grow, as, at the end of the day this will help chances of survival of every critically ill child in India."

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