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11th to 13th August 2017 
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Election Notice 2018 23rd Advanced Course in Pediatric Intensive Care 2nd to 7th October 2017

In past decade Pediatric Critical Care has rapidly grown in India but still remains a developing branch as far as Indian scenario is concerned and there are not many places in India where satisfactory critical care is being delivered to the needy children. As an effort to promote this filed of pediatric intensive care in India IAP Intensive Care Chapter was established in 1998.

Since then IAP Intensive Care Chapter has been very active in promoting the field of pediatric critical care. Its membership has grown to more than 500 members.

The chapter has established guidelines for PICUs and education programs, Basic Pediatric intensive Care Certificate Course (fellowship) has been ongoing since 2002 in collaboration with ISCCM (pediatric section). Various presentation were made to the national board by our senior colleagues in an effort to establish the DNB Pediatric Critical Care.

With those efforts starting January 2007 DNB Pediatric Critical Care has been established in India.

Guidelines and management protocols for pediatricians to help establish new intensive care units are also being worked upon.

We are planning to standardize a two day Basic pediatric intensive care course (BPICC) by IAP (Intensive Care Chapter) on the lines of PALS throughout India.

As the interest in the field continues to grow, more involvement of the members in the chapter activities as well formation of state branches is actively happening.

So, get involved and contribute your valuable time and efforts to make the chapter grow, as, at the end of the day this will help chances of survival of every critically ill child in India.

23rd Advanced Course in Pediatric Intensive Care from  2nd  to 7th  October 2017
IAP Intensive CareChapter Election Notice 2018
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